Favorite Teething Remedies

Favorite Teething Remedies

Lets talk teething......its got to be my least favorite part of motherhood. I can handle a lot, but grumpy teething babies and toddlers are just tough. Right now my 15 month old is cutting her molars, ugh. They keep coming up and going back down and just really causing her trouble.  She still has 8 … Continue reading Favorite Teething Remedies


Real Answers to Common Breastfeeding Misconceptions

If you have followed me for a while, then you know that my struggles with breastfeeding my first child, are a big part of why I became a Lactation Counselor. Something that I feel really contributed to my struggle, was a lack of realistic expectations and not really knowing what to expect. So, part of my mission is to change that! Today I wanted to share with you some of the common breastfeeding misconceptions I hear, and what the real answers to those questions. This is definitely not a comprehensive list, there are SO many misconceptions floating around out there, but it is a good start!

10 reasons to embrace Autumn

The Abbottses

So who of you is still mourning our lack of summer this year? I was pretty annoyed I admit, and in the end we had to bugger off to France just for some guaranteed sunshine.

But now September is here and I have resigned all hope for an ‘Indian summer’, I realised Autumn actually is not all that bad.

So I have compiled a list of 10 Reasons why we should happily wave goodbye to summer and embrace Autumn:

  1. No more shaving.

Put down that razor. We no longer have to shave our legs, ladies! (Or lets be honest, that bit in between your ankles and the tops of your 3/4 leggings.)

2. Comfy clothes that hide a multitude of sins

Hide all those mum lumps under big fluffy coats and big, sexy boots. Anybody else have a thing for knitwear?

3.  Hot, greasy food

Say goodbye to salads for every…

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