The days are long….

Today was one of the longest days we’ve had in a while. Kallen and I both have nasty colds and there is a mountain of tissues quickly growing in my living room, along with the mess I’ve been too lazy to clean up. Because of said cold, Kal has a sore throat and only wants to nurse…so we are back in newborn mode eating every 3 hours and momma’s nipples are feeling it. Oh and neither of us can breathe well enough to sleep. To top it all off we’ve had wind chills of -5 to -10 the last few days and both of us have cabin fever. I was about ready to pull my hair out…
But then tonight as I was cooking dinner, I looked in the living room and saw my sweet and busy baby STANDING all by himself. And I realized my days with a baby are quickly turning into days with a toddler, and while I am sooooo excited for new developments, I’m gonna miss all the sweet baby things. And before I know it
he’ll be off to his first day of kindergarten, dating (yikes), going on a mission, and someday, rocking a baby of his own.
So tonight as I rocked my baby to sleep I took it all in…The smell, the deep, heavy breaths, the way his mouth stays wide open even when the binki falls out. And I was reminded of how very lucky and blessed I am to be called mamma. So from now on when I have days like today I’ll try hard to remember “the days may be long, but the years are all too short.”

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4 thoughts on “The days are long….

  1. Kayla Sheets says:

    Omg… Love this! I needed this last week, too… When Emerson and I were both sick, too. He wouldn’t eat any food and only wanted to nurse! Usually he loves his food now, but I took it all in, and enjoyed my time with him!


  2. Whitney Welch says:

    I needed to read thus tonight! Both little miss and I are sick once again. I don’t think I’ve ever been sick so much in my life! As I am holding her, all I can think about are my throbbing sinuses and sleep. Then I read this 🙂 she’ll be one before I know it and walking and getting into everything. It maybe sickies cuddles, but I am going to try and enjoy those cuddles a little more. Thank you!


    • arynnhinton says:

      Im so glad it helped 🙂 I totally know where you’re coming from! Kallen has been sick so much this winter, we are totally ready for spring.


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