20 Months

You guys, how did this squishy little thing


Turn into this crazy, cute toddler??


He is growing waaayyy too fast! But, we are having so much fun watching him learn, and it is so, so nice that he is starting to communicate his needs and wants more. Here is a little about Kallen at..

20 Months


Weighs 25ish lbs and is 32 in tall

Wears: 18-24 months, some 2T fit

Nursing: Kallen is no longer nursing. He self weaned in the middle of September (19.5 months). I miss the snuggles, but we were both ready to be done. After the rough start we had I wasn’t sure I would make it the first 2 weeks, much less 19.5 months.

Likes: Movies, specifically “Stitch”(Lilo and Stitch), “Jack and Sally” (Nightmare Before Christmas), and “Ninions” (Dispicable Me). Playing outside, Baths, and Balls


Dislikes: Not getting his way, he has become a pro Tantrum Thrower

Words: He is constantly talking, even if its just babble and he repeats everything. He says Mama, Daddy, Papa, Grandma, dog, cat, Leo, Bree, Russell, Dal, Kal, baby, ball, cookie, eat, treat, apple, “nanana” (banana), watch, ice, done, Thank You, walk, shoes, Elmo, uh oh, toes, kick, what’s that?, why’d you do that?, and where’d it go?, please, you did it, No, clock, Balloon, Sit, hush, sleepy, night night, bye bye, hi, circle, pumpkin, and spooky

Play: Kallen still loves balls, and carries one with him at all times. He also loves to run around outside and chase the dog. He loves when Daddy tosses him in the air, he will say “three, two, Blastoff!” when he wants to do that. He also loves coloring, and drawing circles


We sure love our busy little boy!



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