18 Weeks!

So, I missed 17 weeks…but who’s counting?! I may make this a bi-weekly thing, anyway as not a ton changes from week to week…I’ll just have to see how I feel. Anyway, here is what pregnancy #2 (3? I never know if I should count the loss) looks like

How far along: 18 weeks 5 days

Weight gain: None, I’ve actually lost 1 lb
How many weeks to go: 22 weeks
Due date: July 9th 2016
Symptoms:  Random nausea,mostly if I wait to long to eat. Does a growing belly count? Actually need maternity pants this week….I won’t say how long I’ve been wearing them. Also my plumbing isn’t working as well as I’d like it to (TMI??) but I think I haven’t been drinking enough water
New updates: Bump is starting too look more like a bump and less like bloat. My hair is thickening up, and my skin is clearing up. Anxiety is lots better! Daily affirmations have helped a TON and I borrowed a fetal doppler from a friend, but I’ve only used it a couple times
****Adorable Story Break:
So of course Kal is home with me, and saw me use the fetal doppler. Now at least once a day he asks to “hear baby” or “find baby”. Or he will bring the doppler over and start rubbing it on my belly. It is seriously SO cute and melts me everytime!!
***End Break
Cravings: Still fruit and fruity candy. Adding Almond milk to the list this week
Aversions: None, really right now. Actually I feel like I have the appetite of 2! Trying to keep it within healthy limits, though
Looking forward to: Gender and Anatomy scan next week!!
Missing: Being able to lay on my back. I’m normally a side sleeper, but fomr some reason during pregnancy (happened with Kal too) I just crave laying on my back, but I cant…SO weird
Wedding Rings On/Off:  On
Belly button: In
Baby: Size of a sweet potato (yum!). Nervous system and facial features are developing and baby is making stronger movements
Feeling: Feeling pretty good!
Movement: Getting stronger, starting to feel movement at least 1 time a day, and its definitely baby
Sleep: Sleep is good! I found that putting my phone down helps alot lol as well as not staying up too late. Kal has been pretty consistently sleeping through the night (finally!!) so that is helping as well

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