27 weeks

I am SO behind on these updates….GAH! Being a mom, student, working, and blogging is hard and I am still working on finding a good balance. Tips are welcomed 😉

How Far along: 27 weeks

Weight gain: 5 lb

How many weeks to go:13

Due date: July 9, 2016

Symptoms:   Round ligament pain in my right hip. This stuff is for the birds, man!

New updates: Nothing exciting. Glucose test coming up in the next couple weeks.

Oh! we did score an amazing deal on the double stroller we wanted. Thank goodness for Yard sale season!!

Cravings: Cold Cereal and Cottage Cheese

Aversions: Eggs….eggs and I just don’t get along during pregnancy

Looking forward to: July! Can’t wait to meet this little girl

Wedding Rings On/Off:  On

Belly button: In

Baby: 14 in long and about 2 lbs. Organ systems are mostly developed, most growth progression is happening in her brain. She can open and close her eyes and is learning to control her body movements (she is SUPER active). She can hear my voice, and i’m sure dads and older brothers too.

Feeling:  Good, but tired. I’ve got so much going on right now, that this pregnancy seems to be flying by. The RL pain reminds me we are getting closer to meeting her

Movement: This little girl is a mover! She gives me some real good jabs throughout the day, but is most active in the evening and early morning

Sleep: Aside from having a toddler that still wakes up during the night (tips would be greatly appreciated, mamas!!) , I am sleeping fine


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