I am BACK!

Phew…I don’t know what crazy world I was living in thinking I could manage my first full time semester back in school, working, being mom to a busy toddler, being pregnant, and starting a new blog…..to those that have done it, I give you one big high five! Anyway, here is an update on us and  I promise I will be more present, now that homework isn’t eating up all my spare time

School: It was a good semester! Long and hard, and a good reminder that I haven’t been in school for a LONG time. But I am proud of myself and can’t wait to continue on this journey. I will be taking a break after my baby is born, and plan to go back in the Spring. I may take 1 light, online class in the fall, but I am waiting to see how I feel

Kallen: He is growing waaaay too fast!! He is learning so much everyday, and it is so fun to be able to communicate with him and see him process the world. I have so much to tell you all about him, I will do another post later this weekend

Pregnancy: 35 weeks! We are in the home stretch people!

Work: I am still loving my job, as always. I am learning so much and can’t wait until I can do even more for the moms I work with. Hoping to really grow in my new certification as Lactation Counselor in the future

Its been an exciting few weeks and I have alot to tell you all about, so watch for some fun posts. thanks for sticking with me!





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