Why YOU should go to MommyCon! (and a Giveaway!)

If you’ve been following me for a little while, then you know how much I love MommyCon. If you’re new here, you’ll learn quickly that it is an event I love and forward to all year. But maybe you’ve been wondering, “What is this MommyCon all about?” or “Should I go to MommyCon, is it an even for ME?”

The answer is YES!!

So what is MommyCon?

“MommyCon is a boutique style convention dedicated to bringing modern parents and mothers-to-be together. Our focus is on natural and organic parenting methods and timeless tidbits as we journey through parenthood together. Seminars and workshops include; babywearing, birth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, carseat safety, natural health and medicine, baby gear, childproofing and so much more!”  via MommyCon

I know what you’re thinking, ” Oh, so you have to be a crunchy mom to enjoy this event?” Absolutely not! MommyCon literally has something for everyone! It is a judgement free-zone and supportive of all types of parenting. And there is always something new to learn, from the sessions, vendors, or even other parents you may meet. I decided to try cloth diapering, thanks to my first MommyCon event. I always swore it was something I would never do, but thanks to a sample I received at the Chicago even in 2014, we gave it a go, and look at us now! We’ve saved a ton of money and our baby’s bums have been covered in cute prints ever since.


And lets talk about the sessions….whew! This is really the heart of the event. With topics like birth and breastfeeding, selfcare, and pottytraining  I have learned so much. I have been reassured that my decisions as a mother matter and that I AM doing a good job. If you are a big fan of social media, you may even get to meet a some of your favorite “celebrities”. At past events, Jessica of The Leaky Boob, Matt York of That Dad Matt, and Jennifer Labit of Cottonbabies have all presented and shared their love of the industry, as well as their best advice and tips for parents with those attending. My favorite session last year was titled “Learning to Love Yourself”. We discussed why we don’t trust ourselves or feel secure in our choices as people and especially mothers. We also talked about and celebrated the great things we do and that it is OKAY to be proud of yourself. I felt so refreshed and assured, knowing that I was no the only one struggling and that celebrating my success is so much more important than dwelling on the things I may dislike.


At the very end of the day, the final session is a HUGE giveaway. Carseats, strollers, portable cribs, diapers, carriers…anything you can imagine, is given at random to attendees. It is the most fun session of the day! I haven’t won anything yet, but I’ve got a good feeling about this year!

Here is a preview of  the Saturday Schedule in Chicago. I am excited about all of these sessions!


Still not convinced?? How about some awesome shopping! With over 100 vendors, you are sure to find something to take home! From baby carriers, to feeding supplies, to fashionable nursing-wear and children’s clothing, there is something for everyone! Retailers have done reveals or have had exclusive prints or products specific for MommyCon attendees. And I don’t know about you, but I think it is always fun to have something no one else does or to be the first of my friends to discover a new product. Some of my favorite vendors at past events have been RePlay, JuJube, Rumina Nursingwear, and Babyganics.  I already know I’m going to be picking up an Amber teething necklace for Cora, but I am excited to explore and see what new things I can find this year!


And my last reason, but most definitely not least, is for the connections that are made at MommyCon. I have created lasting bonds and friendships with the other parents that I have met in sessions or while both shopping at a booth. I have also been able to connect with the speakers, who are often experts in their field, and gotten their advice, reassurance and suggestions for the issues or questions I have. Some amazing and healing conversation happens in the sessions and hallways of these events.

These events have really helped to shape my journey of motherhood, and lead me to find many products and parenting techniques that work for our family.

Well, are you convinced? I thought so!! Enter below for a chance to win a General Admission ticket

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can also buy your tickets here and use my code CREAMANDSUGAR17 at checkout, for $5 off your general admission tickets.

See you in Chicago!!



8 thoughts on “Why YOU should go to MommyCon! (and a Giveaway!)

  1. Heather W says:

    I cannot wait to interact with fellow mommies, my favorite brands & educators! I also am excited about learning new things from the conference!


  2. Amy Howard says:

    I’m so excited to hang out with fellow moms who are at the same stage if life as me!! Excited to see what all of the vendors have to offer. I’d love to learn how to wrap.


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