Favorite Teething Remedies

Ugh, teething……its got to be my least favorite part of motherhood. I can handle a lot, but grumpy teething babies are real tough stuff.

Right now my 11 month old is cutting 5 (!!) teeth. She cut her first two teeth at 7 months, and it was rough. Both my kids get all the yucky stuff that can come with teething. Fever, runny nose, drool for days, and grumpiness from the pain. Of course I do not blame them for even a second, I know what its like to have a tooth ache, I can’t even imagine teeth coming and cutting the gum, poor things.

That doesn’t make it any easier, as a mom, when you don’t always know what to do to help. So here is a list of the things that make teething easier at our house.


Amber Necklace


Raw, unpolished, Baltic amber has healing properties. When warmed by body temperature, a release of an oil called succinic acid is released, which is believed to have analgesic (numbing) effect. The acid is found naturally in the body, and only small amounts are released, so it is safe for baby. It is important to make sure your baby’s necklace fits correctly, and cannot come up over their chin, as that could be a huge choking hazard. I also only have my baby wear hers when she is attended to, I take it off during nap times and at bed time

Does it really work? For us, I think it does. I notice a difference in my baby when she is wearing her necklace. She isn’t as drooly or does not seem as uncomfortable. Plus, I figure it definitely can’t hurt!

We buy ours here

Chew Beads

These beads are one of my kids favorite things. They are soft, but firm, perfect for soothing those sore gums. They are the perfect size for chubby little hands to grab onto, and I love that they have a clasp, so I can clip them on my carrier or onto a taggy blanket.

Breastmilk  Popsicle

Cold soothes sore gums, I think that’s fairly common knowledge. Breastmilk pops are a great way to offer that soothing to your baby. It can also be a good way to get some breastmilk in your baby, if they are not wanting to nurse while their gums are sore. You can freeze your milk into a popsicle mold or even ice cube trays and offer it to baby in a mesh feeder. If you saw my last post, then you saw how I also sometimes add fresh or frozen fruit to them, for babies that are eating solids.

Lots of love and snuggles

This is my last tip, but maybe the most effective and important. Your baby needs you, you are their home and their comfort. While its hard and frustrating to deal with an upset baby, I always try and remember that in those moments. When my baby is really upset or hurting, some skin to skin cuddles are my favorite way to calm us both down.


So mamas and daddy’s, hang in there! Luckily teething doesn’t last forever, and eventually those darn teeth even fall out! But I hope these tips give you some relief through the hard times.

Do you have a favorite teething trick? Drop it in the comments below!




7 thoughts on “Favorite Teething Remedies

  1. What good ideas! I have seen those soft beads around a lot. I used to have a jewelry business and always got requests for custom-made teething necklaces for those type of beads. What adorable photos!!! Thanks for sharing this info (:


  2. I have to admit that I’m not a mom (unless you count a furbaby) but I have seen these necklaces around.. now I know what they’re for! πŸ™‚ Thanks for writing more about them and other teething methods.


  3. I will have to remember to keep these in mind when I have little ones of my own! I used to work at a children’s clothing store in high school and the Chew Beads always flew off the shelf!!


  4. My daughter wears the amber necklace and bracelet (well, it’s more of an ankle bracelet, since she has such dainty wrists πŸ™‚ ) I feel like her teething has been less miserable since getting them.


  5. Great tips. I love the chew beads! And snuggles. Those are the best for us. I also really think the frozen breastmilk can be helpful albeit quite messy sometimes!


  6. Thank you for the great ideas! My son is only three months old, but I swear he’s teething already!!! I had the mesh bags for my daughter but didn’t think to put frozen breast milk in them. What a great idea!


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